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Borg&Overstrm B4.2 udens dispensers

Borg & Overström B4.2

Equipment with a wide range of options and functions available, where you can adapt them to your needs in the office, hotel or school.

  • This unit provides antibacterial purified as well as mineralized water just when you need it in one of the four modes - ambient, chilled, hot or carbonated.
  • It surpasses all competitors with a filling height of 28 cm, which allows you to easily fill not only a glass, but also a bottle and a decanter;
  • Using Sterizen antibacterial film, footswitch or app, it is possible to reduce the touch of buttons and the spread of bacteria;
  • The device uses Viovandt UV technologies for maximum hygiene and disinfection;
  • Sealed hygienic dry cooling system with Sterizen post-treatment and UV technology for maximum hygiene;
  • The device is available in both surface-mounted and free-standing versions;

14.5m- 22.9 kg


320 mm


415 mm


440 mm