Superior quality and delicious coffee is our calling card. We roast our own coffee so that it is always fresh and meets our clients’ specifications. We work exclusively with the world’s finest coffee brands. And, of course, tea, sugar, cups, syrup, and other ingredients that complete our services.



KCS freshly roasted coffee

More than 12 years of experience in the coffee industry has made it clear at what moments in life you can find the most suitable coffee beans. Constant high-quality coffee blends for any everyday situation.


Rocket Bean Roastery coffee

Rocket Bean Roastery is a roastery in Latvia, whose coffee is also valued at the world level. Rocket Bean uses the world's most recognized roasting machine Loring in its production process. Specialty coffee beans from different parts of the world, roasted under the guidance of experienced specialists.


Segafredo classic Italian coffee

The birthplace of Espresso is Italy, so every Italian coffee lover has the opportunity to enjoy the best of Italian coffee traditions in their daily lives. The global brand Segafredo is a combination of the best Italian traditions in the form of coffee beans.


Pelican Rouge

The Netherlands is not only one of the most developed countries in modern Europe, but also a producer of several outstanding coffee brands. Pelican Rouge consumer coffee is pleasant and in demand not only in western Europe, but also in our latitudes.

Rocket "From special and rare coffee beans sent from special moments of enjoyment of life in one particular region to coffee blends for general consumption - we will help you pour the right coffee in the right mill"