To ensure superior quality in our coffee and service, we choose only the world’s leading suppliers– LaMarzocco, Mahlkonig, Victoria Arduino, Bunn, Eversys, Rex-Royal, Hoshizaki, Hobart, and others.

Eversys Cameo2

Eversys c'2 Cameo

Cameo is a industries game-changer. It provides coffee quality and steadfast consistency, as good as any professional barista.

Eversys e_2m.png

Eversys e'2m

Fully automatic machine, which is meant for high volume self-service places. Made for unstoppable high quality coffee service needs.

Eversys 4m.png

Eversys e'4m

Automated productivity on reduced footprint.

Rex Royal SCS MCTI.png

Rex-Royal SCS Compact MCTI

Entry-level model providing the high-quality Rex-Royal quality standards for professionals.

Rex Royal S200 MCTI.png

Rex-Royal S200 MCTI

The clear operating concept makes the powerful Rex-Royal S200 an all-round perfect coffee solution – from ristretto to coffee.

Rex-Royal S300 MCTI .png

Rex-Royal S300 MCTI

The Rex-Royal S300 Compact Foam combines the most modern technology with easy operation in a compact design.

Schaerer Coffe Club.png

Schaerer Coffee Club

The Schaerer Coffee Club opens the door to the world of professional coffee preparation.

coffee-soul copy2 .png

Schaerer Coffee Soul

Pioneer of a new coffee machine generation.

Aequator Brasil.png

Aequator Brasil

Fully automatic self-service machine for coffee specialities of supreme quality with highest hygiene standards.

JURA logo

Jura GIGA X3c

High volume and high-tech coffee machine. The Swiss manufacturer demonstrates innovation and professionalism down to the last detail.

JURA logo
Jura_X8_kafijas automats_

Jura X8

Coffee machine that reliably and professionally prepare a wide range of beverages. Providing hot water at different levels temperature.

JURA logo
Jura WE8 kafijas automats

Jura WE8

WE8 coffee machine will provide all your favorite types of coffee drinks. Excellent for offices where you want to provide a professionally brewed coffee drink combined with an elegant design.

JURA logo
Jura_WE6_kafijas automats

Jura WE6

The coffee machine is created for coffee classics: ristretto, espresso and café crèma.