To ensure superior quality in our coffee and service, we choose only the world’s leading suppliers– LaMarzocco, Mahlkonig, Victoria Arduino, Bunn, Eversys, Rex-Royal, Hoshizaki, Hobart, and others.


Eversys Legacy

Eversys Legacy combines aesthetics, innovative solutions and functionality. The compact solution of the device takes up less space, freeing up space for other products. Also, a great advantage is its simple daily cleaning, which makes it easy to use.

Capacity up to 600 coffee drinks per day, including two products at the same time;

120 hot water products per hour (200ml);

Vertical coffee making system (up to 24g) - for both small and large coffee drinks;

Fully automatic rinsing and cleaning program;

2 powerful ceramic grinders (64mm blades) - for grinding espresso and coffee;

Automatic self-adjustment of the grinder to ensure constant drink quality;

Intuitive touch screen;

2x1.2 kg bean storage tank;

2 powder containers;

Two-milk system (optional);

Beverage outlet height up to 190mm;

Telemetry system for remote service operation;

Suitable for office, gas station, HoReCa coffee solutions.